Hi there! I'm Crystal.

I'm the maker behind The Ramblin' Wolf. I do all the designing, sewing, fringing, snapping and packing of your bandanas. I am obsessed with travel, hiking, fitness, paddleboarding, live music, ancient trees, the moon and obviously, DOGS.

Together with my husband, Caleb and our soul pup, Azula, we live, travel and work full-time in our RV. We hit the road in 2017, exploring the US. We've been on the road for 6 years and have explored 26 different states. All of my bandanas are handmade along our travels, in our tiny 160 square foot home on wheels.

Let me share with you the journey that led me to create my adventure-proof dog bandanas. It all started with a simple desire: to explore the great outdoors with my furry little bestie by my side. As a passionate dog mom, I wanted gear that could keep up with our adventures and enhance our experiences together.

But as I searched for the perfect accessories, I realized there was something missing - a bandana that was not only durable but also functional. And so, fueled by my love for my furry little bestie and the thrill of exploration, I embarked on an entrepreneurial journey.

The road wasn't easy. I faced challenges at every turn - from learning the intricacies of fabric design to designing a pocket that could withstand the rigors of outdoor adventures. 

But the journey didn't end there. Finding the right fabric was crucial to achieving the quality and durability I envisioned. After testing numerous options, I discovered the perfect material - one that could withstand the elements while remaining comfortable for my furry little bestie. 

Each bandana features a tiny pocket, meticulously designed to hold essentials like poop bags or a natural flea/tick repelling sachet, ensuring that every adventure is both stylish and practical.

Today, I am proud to share this creation with fellow dog lovers who share my passion for exploration. Each bandana is a testament to the love and dedication that went into its creation, serving as a reminder that with determination and creativity, anything is possible.

So join me on this journey, and let's explore the world together - one adventure at a time. Because when you have the right gear, every moment with your furry little bestie becomes and unforgettable adventure.